Cesaonic, Co-Founder
Behind every sound in nature, there is a story. Cesaonic focuses on the nuanced capture and playback of audio. It is available on a website that has a blog function, telling of how the nuanced audio is captured. An Amazon Alexa skill is also available for any Amazon product that has Alexa enabled, whether that be an Echo Dot to Firestick TV.
Ctimes3 Productions, Founder
Creating the highest quality live and post-production video in Rochester, MN. Ctimes3 Productions specializes in the creation, production, and post-production of a range of products. These include commercials, promo videos, and documentaries.
ASL for Family, Co-Founder
At the core, we believe in helping everyone have a voice. We want to help rebuild the bridge between parent and child so that the bond is repaired and communication is restored. ASL for Families helps the deaf community by changing how families learn sign language.
PhysVR, Co-Founder
PhysVR is a forefront software development focused on bridging the gap between virtual reality with hospitals and physical therapy clinics. PhysVR would like to empower physcial therapists through powerful tools like virtual reality. A large aspect that plays in patient recovery is the motitvation through the process of recovery, PhysVR wants empower patients to accomplish that.